Social Responsibilities and Activities

The religious activites of the Shree Umiya Mataji Religious Trust In keeping with the spirit of the devotion, holiness and trust in Shree Umiya Mataji, following religious activities are Held under the temple auspices :

Permanent Havan Date

Donating Rs. 1501/- one can, on any given date, offer the Thal to Mataji every year.

Permanent Prasad Date

On donation of Rs. 2000/- one can get the privilege to offer the morning Mangla arti maha Prasad to Mataji.

Sadavrat Date

On submission of Rs. 1500/- to the sadavrat activity run by the trust,one can offer food to needy on the date of their choice.

Permanent Lamp of Ghee ( Akhanddivo)

Donations can be given for the Matajis Akhandjyot.


Donations can be given so that the Prasad can be offered to the devotees coming to mataji’s temple.

Pavdi Puja

On submission of Rs. 150/-, the pujari does the Pavdi puja, as the blessings of Mataji.


In this community, for every auspicious event, the first invitation and offering is sent to Mataji, in lieu of the blessings, the kankupado is sent to the sender. Special features of the Samaj.