New Year

Every kartak Sud 1, since the early morning people come for the visit to the Mataji’s temple and begin their new year.Till the Kartak sud labh pancham people throng for the darshan at the temple.


On every magsar 8, co memorating the 18th century Mahotsava, the Annkut is organized. ‘Chappan Bhog ‘ i.e 52 prasads are offered to the deity.

Vasant Panchmi

On the Maha Sud 5, the ‘Patosava’ of the Mataji is celebrated. A big fair is organized. Devotees come from far and wide. There is a heavy rush in the temples.This day is also celebrated as the paragana pancham. Because of the arrival of the Vasant, Mataji is offered and decked up in the white saree with red border, made with the flowers of kesuda, from Maha Sud 5 to Fagan Sud 5 ( Rangpanchmi). The farmers keep ‘Anujo” on this day i.e they keep a holiday for the farming works.

Vaishaki Purnima

On this day, the ‘Shobha yatra’ of Umiya Mataji travels around the city of Unjha. Everyone joins this Yatra. Maa Umiya is taken around the city in the pomp and show in her silver ‘rath’. Many different shows depicting different religious aspects are also part of the show.

Vaishaki Purnima

In the ‘Chachar chauk’ of Umiya Mataji, on all the nine nights, different ‘Mandali’s ‘perform the Garbas. From Aso Sud 1 to 9, ‘ghat sthapan’ is done. Fasting and prayers are performed. Everyday ‘Chandipath’ is done. On the ninth day, ‘Palli’ is filled. On all the nine days, mega lighting is done. On Sud 8 Navchandi Havan is done.

On the festivals, Mataji is decked up specially. Flowers deck her up and ‘shodshopchar pooja’ is done.

On Aso Sud 15, Sharad Purnima night, Mataji is offered the Prasad of MilkPoha

On Aso Sud 13, Dhanteras, Matji sits on the Lotus flower and gives ‘darshan’ as the incarnation of Maa Lakshmi

On Aso sud 14, Kali Chaudash Maa Chandi- kali incarnation is shown riding a lion. Her hair are shown open that day. On this day, for Tantriks-Yogis-devotees to pray, the arti at night is not done. Similarly due to the night prayers being very important even on the festivals like Shivratri, Janamastmi etc, the night ‘shayan’ arti is not performed. On the full moon day “purnima”festival, Mataji sits riding the ‘Nandi’ Ox.


Everyday two havens take place at the Mataji’s temple. Both the havan’s have been booked for the coming 12 months. The devotees who have booked the havens are notified in advance and they sit in the havens. If one wishes to d havan at Mataji, it is also possible.

Sadavrat Activity

Everyday at 12.00 after noon, the needy and deserving are fed at the temple. One can pay Rs. 1000/- and book the Sadavrat date.

Vaishaki Purnima

Maa Umiya is the almighty mother Goddess of the universe. She is the better half of the lord Shiva. She is a peaceful deity. Only she can pacify the anger of lord Shiva. She is worshipped as the Goddess for fulfillment ‘Annpurna’. She is the Mother Goddess of the universe. Hence she is worshipped in all her incarnations and everyday rides on different vehicles.

  • Monday -riding the Ox ‘Nandi’- as the incarnation of Maa Uma parvati
  • Tuesday - riding on a Peacock- as the incarnation of Maa Saraswati
  • Wednesday - Riding on the lion- as the incarnation of Maa Chandi Durga
  • Thursday - Riding on the elephant- as the incarnation of Maa Lakshmiji
  • Friday - Riding on the hencock- as the incarnation of Maa Bala Tripura Sundari Bahucharaji
  • Saturday - Riding on the white ‘Airawat’ elephant- as the incarnation of Maa Vaibhav Lakshmi- Indriya incarnation
  • Sunday - Riding on the Lion-as the incarnation of M Ambika

18th century Mahotsava

King Vrajpal Sinji established the temple in the samvat 212 year 156 and did the Pranpratistha of the Maa Umiya statue. It has been 1800 years now of this event. According to the Hindu shastras, after every 100 years of the Pranpratistha, there should be renewed Pranpratistha, to induce further new life into the statues. Hence the idea of celebrating this mahotsava took shape. As a result In the Maa Umiyadham, on 23/11/1976 to 29/11/1976, the mahotsava was celebrated.
This Mahotsava was celebrated historically. 18 to 21 lacs devotees thronged the premises. The Kadva Patidar community got together in huge numbers. People of Unjha worked very hard to give make this mahotsava a huge success still all the arrangement fell short as the crowds thronged the temple. Everyone gave their best in the terms of hard work and money. But still the Mahotsava was completed with no problems. There were no untoward accidents or deaths in the city of Unjha during these 5 days. All the people became one with Maa. This was one historical function in the history of Unjha.
The main Priest for this Mahotsava was learned Pandit Agnihotri Shri Shukdevji Maharaj. The main sponsorer was late shri Patel Somabhai Shankardas Mollot. The flag was laid down by Late Shri Balchand Das Umed Das.