The 'Jyotirath' of Shree Umiya Mataji is a wonderful progress-brotherhood and worship oriented place of God. To fulfill the development fund, Jyotirath moved in around 3500 villages of Gujarat. In the karodiya village of Madhya Pradesh, the statue of the deity was installed the chariot and the money was raised. Inspired by the same, Manibhai Mummy and Shri Keshavbhai Sheth prepared this chariot 'Jyotirath'. The length of the chariot is 23’, width is 8 and height is 15. This 'Jyotirath' was welcomed with huge fanfare at Unjha on 23/10/1997.

After Gujarat, this chariot moved in around 742 villages of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. At every place, they got good financial support and educational trusts were set. During the movement of this chariot, people took the pledges of abstinence and keeping all the fights and animosity aside, celebrated the occasion. There was awareness in the community and Rs. 7 crores was collected in the drive, in the insurance drive rupees 6.50 crores was collected and thus 13.50 crores were collected.