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Maa Umiya is the Almighty Mother Goddess of the Universe.....

Shri Maa Umiya, the almighty mother Goddess of the universe is the kuldevi of the kadva patidar community. Maa Umiya has given birth to this universe as the mother Goddess. Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi and Maa kali are her incarnations only. Whenever the dark devilish elements raised their heads, the deity has takenvarious forms and Swarups to demolish them and protect the good and religious.Wherever in the world there is Strength, there is the Maa Umiya as the source; she only is the giver of strength and divinity.


  • Length: 120 feet, width: 120 feet
  • Height: 56 feet, a well in between
  • In the eastern side Shivalaya-9 feet wide and 28 feet in height
  • Construction: date 01-04-1887 to 13-02-1894

Shree Umiya Matajis Temple

  • Height: 63 feet-9 inch
  • East-western length 86 feet-6 inch
  • North-south width: 81 feet-6 inch
  • RangMandap: 26 feet 8 inch x 11 feet 1 inch
  • Chauki: 11 feet 1 inch x 11 feet 1 inch
  • Height of Mandovar: 15 feet-7 inch
  • Jagti of temple: 4 feet-3 inch
  • Karnpeeth of temple: 2 feet – 11 inch
  • Height of temple Shikhar: 44 feet- 1 inch
  • Architecture: Chaulukya style
  • Nearly 175 year old construction

The Dharamshala inside the temple

  • Built a Dharamshala, keeping 25 to 30 feet of space encircling the temple
  • The length of Dharamshala is 185 feet west to east
  • Northern width 160 feet
  • Southern width 148 feet
  • Expenditure: 17,538
  • There are 61 divisions of the Dharamshala, 3 palaces like main doors, four walls fortress like protection.
  • Pillars and the flooring have been done with stone-The terrace has been built strong and has got a balcony-four (ghumants) have been installed-towards the northern door a 22*11 feet small room has been provided that is used by the singers of the Mataji and for declarations of the Chaughadiyas.

Maa Umiya Jyotirath

  • Length-23, width-8, height- 15’, expenditure- Rs. 8, 60,600
  • Jyotirath has been attached to the TATA 407 mini truck.