Shri Umiya Pathikashram-Ambaji

  • In the year 1979, near the eastern door of the Shree Ambaji temple, the trust brought the huge bunglow of the Lashkari Sheth in Rs. 3,25,000/-
  • There in 28 rooms, 1 office complex, 2 kitchens and facilities for nearly 500 people, costing around 25,00,000/-

Maa Umiyadham Campus-Sola (Ahmedabad)

  • Adjacent to the Bhagwat Vidhyapeeth were purchased, 26 Veegha land and borewell for the construction of the 26 rooms.
  • Out of the 26 rooms, 13 rooms were facilitated to the IAS training centre at the cost of
  • A small beautiful temple of Shri Umiya Mataji is also constructed.

Shree Shri Naranbhai Madhavlal Patel Parivar" Umiya Mataji Pathikashram"

Around the year 1979, the family of Shri Naranbhai Madhavlal Patel donated 9201 sq yards of the land to Pathikashram.

  • The 2 floors of the pathikashram
  • 16 + 16= 32 rooms
  • Canteen where 2000 people can eat
  • Simultaneous 24 kitchens can run
  • Total expenditure rs. 42, 00,000/-
  • Besides this 54 x 100 feet one cultural events hall
  • Above that laced with the modrn facilities 11 rooms- 1 office
  • Approximate costing 54, 00,000/-
  • Also brought Rs. 2.5 veegha land
  • In this Pathikashram, with the donation form Patel Kamuben Ambalal Narandas Sitapurwala, a temple for Umiya Mataji was established.