About Trust

This trust works on the democratic style of functioning. 251 administrative members work in the committee. This committee elects the following office holders in a democratic manner

  • President
  • 2 Vice Presidnet's
  • Chief Secretry
  • 3 Joint Secreteries
  • 2 Treasurers
  • 5 Trustees
  • 2 Internal auditors

This is a registered trust. The number of the trust is A-943/Mehsana, The administrative committee works with the different sub committees, which are belowmentioned.

  • Construction committee
  • Rajbhog and Temple committee
  • Promotion and publishing committee
  • Property buying committee
  • Permanent marriage committee
  • Vishrantigruh committee
  • Canteen Commitee
  • Shree Umiya Mataji Pathikashram- Ambaji committee
  • Shri N.M Patel (Latiwala) family-Shree Umiya Pathikashram Committee- bechraji
  • Shree Umiya Mataji campus-Sola Committee
  • Widows Welfare Surv Committee
  • Higher education help fund Committee
  • Prasad- Litreture distribution Committee
  • Ram Parayan Foodgrain help-sadavrat committee
  • Shree Umiya parivar development fund committe

The administration of the Mataji trust is run by all these committees. Foremost care is taken of the visiting devotees and also for the over all development across. Also all the efforts are made to see that the Kadva Patidar Samaj comes up in the society with their honest hard work and being above the bad habits.
Preparation to be a part of the Shree Umiya Mataji trust administration
Rs. 3500/- Life time membership
Rs. 25,000/- Member of the Higher education help committee
These members can recommend the students for the loans for higher education without interest.